Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Internova und das BB E-Book Event 2013...

Wir werden bei der Veranstaltung mit Internova zusammenarbeiten. Vorhin hat Michael auf der Facebook Informationen für internationale Autoren veröffentlicht. Für den 16. und 17. März planen wir außerdem ein Internova Treffen. 

Dear friends,

we've talked about events in Second Life of relevance for the international sf community before. I'm just assisting my fellow Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen at organizing two Second Life events that I'm sure will interest you. On March 8th (the eve of the science fiction convention in Dortmund) the BB E-Book Event, a virtual book fair for e-books and audio books, will be opened with an international sf reading. The exhibition will be open for several weeks and offer a great opportunity for you to present your e-book and audio book productions. International publishers in various languages are welcome.
If you want to take part, please contact me or Kueperpunk Korhonen. Below Thorsten's announcement that I've translated into English for you. Feel free to spread the news.


Dear writers, e-publishers and readers,
on Friday, March 8. 2013 we plan to open our BB E-Book Event. The idea is to present a large book market where you writers can present your digital productions at your own exhibition stands
The books there will be links to your e-books. Audio formats, of course, are also welcome. Thus you audio book and audio drama producers out there - feel invited!
The exhition stands will be there for several weeks. During this time we plan several readings and panel discussions/lectures regarding digital book production.
It will be a great opportunity for you to get into contact with other producers. Well-known writers of various genres will be present who like you have published e-books and are interested in an information exchange.
We will, by the way, invite a number of international writers, The opening will probably be at 8:00 pm Central European Time. For later the night we plan an international reading with science fiction writers from three continents. The next day you will have the chance to follow several live panels that will be audio-streamed into Second Life from the science fiction convention in Dortmund.
Some of you have already read at our events and you know Second Life a little. We'll help you to prepare the exhibition stands and, if required, build them for you.
We hope a lot of you will take part!
 Und weiter:
Dear friends,

on March 16. and 17., one week after the convention in Dortmund, while the BB E-Book Event is still running, we plan an international science fiction meeting in Second Life, with the focus on how to intensify the collaboration of international sf writers especially from outside of the English-speaking countries. There are ideas that I discussed with my Romanian sf fellows to found a new international sf association, among others with the goal of independently publishing international sf in several languages. We want to present a concept during the meeting, It would also be a chance for you to talk and present your own ideas.

Due to the traveling costs and other problems it would be very difficult to organize such a meeting in reallife. Second Life offers a way to meet live with no costs and just a little technical effort. Considering that almost all our collaborations so far were handled via the Internet, this is an opportunity to go a step further (at least until we're all rich enough to meet personally some day ;-)

We eagerly await your responses. Please let me know if you would like to attend such a meeting. All you need is a fairly recent computer with a good graphic card (1,7 Hz with 512 MB and a Gforce or Radeon two generations back is already usuable for the basics), a headset and a highspeed Internet connection. We will help you with the first steps.

Thorsten has written a tutorial for Second Life beginners who want to take part in cultural events. Later this day I will translate it into English and post it here in the fie section as a pdf document. Please have a look, read the document and if you're interested contact Kuperpunk Korhonen and me or post a reply here.


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