Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Michael Iwoleit liest am 19. Januar im Mumtaz in SecondLife...

Ja, es war nicht schwer, den Kollegen Iwoleit für Lesungen in SecondLife zu begeistern. Jetzt ist er mit Feuereifer bei der Sache und erweitert das Kulturangebot im Metaversum. Ihr dürft  natürlich gern im Gedächtnis behalten, dass es die Brennenden Buchstaben waren, die ihn hergeführt haben. 

Ich zitiere sein Blog: 

It’s just two months ago that I first visited the Mumtaz, a wonderful recreation of the Taj Mahal in Second Life, and I’m already close friend with its builders Voodoo Spyker and Freya Beresford and all the other fine people that visit its club and surrounding area regularly. I’m more than happy that my first Second Life event this year will take place there (the first one I organize myself). On Saturday, January 19th, I will read my story “The Spirits” completely – sections of it have been well-received at several SL events in the previous year. To make the evening perfect I invited renowned ambient musician Jan Pulsford aka Jana Kyomoon – who I met on two occasions in Virtual Cologne in 2012 – to join me and take the musical part.
Christian Günther has again created a promotional flyer with all required information. Feel free to use it for announcing the event, as long as you provide a link to my or Christian’s homepage.


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