Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Ambient Night mit Michael Iwoleit im Mumtaz...

Ich zitiere:

"On Saturday, May 25th I will be for the second time this year host of an event in the beautiful Mumtaz Taj Mahal. This time I will present atmospheric live electronic music by Jana Kyomoon and Automatic Quandry. Yours truly will also play a few pieces. The long music night will start at 12:00 Second Life Time resp . 21:00 Central European Time. The location is at
Thanks to the invited musicians, to Freya Beresford and Voodoo Spyker  – builders and owners of the Mumtaz – and as always to Christian Günther for creating the attached flyer that may be used for announcing the event (please with a note to Christian or me)."


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