Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Ein weiterer Programmpunkt am Samstag um 22 Uhr: Jordan Reyne liest aus "Remembering the Dead"...

Nach David Grashoffs Auftritt um 20.30 Uhr bei uns im KrümelKram erwartet Euch Jordans Lesung aus ihrem Buch "Remembering the Dead" in Cyhtleens Buchladen nebenan. Was das Buch angeht zitiere ich hier mal Cyhtleen:

"Remembering the Dead" is a ghost story, set in the forests of New Zealand where the undead are said to walk at night, desperate to tell their stories to those who will listen. It is a tale about how our pasts will haunt us until we come to terms with our own actions, and the things that fate throws us unexpectedly. For those of you who know Jordan through her music, "Remembering the Dead" was written whilst Jordan was working on "How the Dead Live" for the New Zealand Arts Council, and combines Jordan's own stories from "Passenger" with her research into the lives of the pioneers whose tales haunt the West Coast to this day."

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