Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Noch mehr Bilder und Rückblick auf die Tiefraumphasenlesung...

Michael Iwoleit liest Babatunde.

Bernar LeSton als Sigorsky.

Wieso treiben da Autos?

Ein Fotoalbum bei Clairediluna Chevalier...

...und ein Rückblick von Michael Iwoleit auf seinem Blog...

Ich zitiere Michael:

The Second Life weekend wasn’t yet over for me with that. On Sunday night I took part in a scenic reading of Thorsten Küper’s story “Der Hummer vor den Toren”, recently published in the anthology Tiefraumphasen (Begedia). Set designer Barlok Barbosa created several settings of the story exclusively for the reading. Four of Thorsten’s aka Kueperpunk Korhonen’s fellow writers took speaking parts of some of the story’s characters. It was an interesting and, as I hope, trend-setting experiment that worked remarkably well (even I didn’t manage to miss my entry). I guess we all agree that especially Bernhard Giersche’s performance as the dying corporate big shot Cronstetten was worth listening.

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